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Water rating

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme

A joint government and industry program


WELS retailer 'ten tips' checklist

  1. Are your WELS products registered and correctly labelled? Ask your supplier or visit the WELS product search database.
  2. Are WELS product labels and/or WELS water efficiency information clearly visible to your customers?
  3. Are the labels for clothes washers and dishwashers attached to those appliances?
  4. Are the labels for plumbing and sanitary ware:
    • fixed to the product itself
    • fixed next to the product or
    • a swing tag attached to the product.
    • or, if the product is displayed in packaging, is the label:
    • fixed (e.g. glued) to the packaging so that it is clearly visible?
    Alternatively, is the star rating and water flow/consumption information displayed next to the product (e.g. on the price tag)?
  5. Does your promotional material (such as brochures, advertisements, websites etc.) meet WELS requirements (e.g. does it show the label/s or show the star rating and water flow/consumption information in text next to each product)?
  6. Do your staff know how to explain the WELS label? The more stars the better (more water efficient), the lower the number, the less water it uses. For more information go to Water rating label.
  7. Do you know what rebate schemes for water efficient products operate in your area? Local councils and water authorities may be offering rebates to people who buy WELS-registered products with specific star ratings. Go to 'Water Rebates' at to find your local water authority or council for rebate information or visit the website.
  8. If you are non-compliant you could face enforcement action which may included fines, prosecution and court orders, so if you think you may not be complying with the WELS Act, email or call 1800 218 478 (toll-free within Australia) or +61 6274 1111 (international calls) to discuss your situation.
  9. Do your staff know that WELS inspectors are in the field and may visit your store to check for unlabelled or incorrectly labelled stock?
  10. Do your staff know that promoting water efficient products not only encourages Australians to use the nation's water resources more carefully but will also help your customers to save money on their water bills?