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Water rating

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme

A joint government and industry program


Supplier questions

Before accepting goods from your suppliers of WELS products it's important to ensure they are in compliance with the requirements of the WELS scheme.


  1. Is the product WELS registered?
  2. If the product is supplied in its packaging, is the WELS label adhered to the packaging, or is it printed onto the packaging itself?
  3. If the product is being supplied without packaging, is the WELS label attached to the product?
  4. Will they be supplying display material for WELS products in store?


The WELS scheme is mandatory and applies at all points in the supply chain.

Your wholesaler, importer or manufacturer of WELS products should supply the products already WELS registered and labelled.

All WELS products must be registered and labelled when supplied.

The only exceptions are second hand products and products imported for personal use.

Second hand products do not include factory seconds (e.g. marked or damaged goods) or ex-display models.

Retail sellers are responsible for point of supply labelling and must ensure that:

  • labels are properly attached on:
    • packaging (if sold in the packaging) or
    • the product or
    • a swing tag or
    • the star rating and water flow/consumption information may be displayed next to the product (e.g. WELS 3 star, 9 L/min)
  • labels or water rating information remain fully visible on or near products while they are offered for sale and
  • advertising and promotional material must also display the WELS label or water rating information.

More information

For more information email or call 1800 218 478 (toll-free within Australia) or +61 2 6274 1111 (international calls).

Non-compliance with the WELS scheme - what may happen


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