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Water rating

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme

A joint government and industry program



The following are WELS products and must be registered and labelled:

  • clothes washers, including combination washer/dryers
  • the dryer function of combination washer/dryers and
  • dishwashers

Every model must be registered as it is offered for supply. If it cannot be traced in the WELS public search database then it is not registered.

Definition of a model and variant

The definition of a model for the purposes of WELS registration is contained in the relevant product standards and is aligned with the requirements of the E3 energy rating scheme.

Two or more models can be registered for the one fee if they have the same:

  • Product type
  • Brand
  • Star rating
  • Test report/s
  • Water consumption
  • Physical characteristics


Two or more models that are the same (using the criteria listed above) may be accepted by the Regulator for registration as variants of a registered model at no additional cost. Variants are not considered as models for the purpose of calculating the tiered fee. They are listed separately in the database and searchable on the public search website.

Variants can only be added to a model that is registered, not to expiring, expired, cancelled or suspended models. When a model expires, is cancelled or suspended, then all of the registered variants of that model will also expire, be cancelled or suspended.

A model that is sold under different names or brands cannot be registered as a variant because these are criteria for a new model. Each name or brand must be registered separately. Alternative names are no longer accepted in the database. For example, if a dishwasher is sold as a Superkleen, a Dishcare and Superior it must be registered three times.

Model name and model code

For every product you register you will be asked to supply the model name and the model code.

  • The model name is the name on the box or the advertising that the consumer will use to identify the model. For example it could be the SuperKleen 101.
  • The model code is the unique identifier that you use for your product, it could be the same as the model name or it could be different for example - a stock control code.

Minimum WES for washing machines

Since 1 November 2012 it is an offence to offer for supply a washing machine that does not meet the minimum WES for washing machines.

The minimum WES specifies that:

  • machines with a capacity of 5 or more kilos must have a rating of at least three stars, and
  • machines with a capacity of less than five kilos must have a rating of at least two and a half stars.