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Water rating

Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme

A joint government and industry program


Registering products


New registration arrangements commenced on 22 January 2013. WELS registration is now on an annual cycle with all models expiring on 22 January each year. This replaces the previous five-year registration arrange​ments. For more information see New registration arrangements.

If you are supplying or selling WELS products you will need to ensure that they:

  • are registered with the WELS Regulator and the product has a WELS label, and
  • the label is clearly visible to customers while offered for sale.

What are WELS products?

WELS products are:

  • lavatory equipment (Toilet pans, cisterns, flushing mechanisms & suites)
  • urinal equipment
  • taps intended for use over a basin, sink or tub (excluding over a bath)
  • showers for personal bathing
  • flow controllers
  • washing machines, including combination washer/dryers
  • the dryer function of combination washer/dryers and
  • dishwashers

Online registration system

Registration for WELS products is done by completing the online application form. To access the scheme's online registration system please go to: WELS Registration: Login.

To help guide you through the registration and renewals process, see the
Product Registration Database - User Instruction Manual.

For information on registration payments see Fees.

How to register

To register a product, you need to submit the following for assessment:

  • a completed application - preferably online (WELS online registration system);
  • test report(s) showing compliance with the WELS Standard;
  • a current WaterMark™ certificate for showers, toilets, taps, urinals and flow controllers;
  • the registration fee and
  • written advice from the manufacturer acknowledging that you may apply for registration if you are not the manufacturer of the product(s) to be registered.

When your application to register a product has been successful you will receive email notification. The water efficiency labelling information of the product will be publically searchable in the WELS Product database.

Testing and certifying your products

Washing machine 

In order to obtain WELS registration you must demonstrate that your products meet the WELS Standard, AS/NZS 6400:2016 Water efficient products - rating and labelling, incorporating amendments 1 to 6. Amendment 6 took effect from 15 September 2013.

Applications for registration of showers, lavatory and urinal equipment, tap equipment and flow controllers which are required to have current WaterMark™ certification under state and territory laws will need to include evidence of that certification as a prerequisite for WELS registration. WaterMark™ certification is required by the states and territories at the point of installation for most plumbing products intended for use in the reticulated water supply system.

The performance and testing requirements for all WELS products are specified in the WELS standard. WELS accepts test reports from laboratories certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities, or their international partners. More information on testing is in the WELS Suppliers Guide - Laboratory testing and maintaining quality of water efficiency performance in WELS products.

For more information see:

For the contact details of bodies accredited to undertake testing of WELS products and supply suitable reports see: WELS Certifiers.

If you have WaterMark™ certification which is out of date you need to update it and provide certification and water efficiency test reports to meet the current registration requirements for AS/NZS 6400:2016 (including amendments 1-5).

'Sets of minor products'

The WELS Regulator may accept two or more WELS products as 'a set' of minor products if the registration application shows:

  • each product has the same manufacturer and brand name and
  • less than 100 units of each product is expected to be sold each year.

Renewal of minor products will also require evidence of product sales in the previous year.

Renewal of registrations

Under the current Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) Act 2005, WELS scheme product registrations expire after one year.

Registrations are open for renewal between 15 September and 5 December each year. Renewals take effect from 22 January each year.

Responsibility to maintain registration records

It is the responsibility of the registrant to:

  • ensure that all WELS products supplied are registered and correctly labelled before supplying or offering the product for supply
  • to maintain accurate records of the registration details of their WELS products, including expiry dates and
  • to make these records available on request to WELS inspectors or those to whom the products are supplied.

Enforcement action may be taken for breaches of the WELS Act. More information on compliance policies and processes as well as current enforcement action is on the compliance and enforcement page.