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Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme

A joint government and industry program


WELS Advisory Group

About WELS Advisory Group

The establishment of the WELS Advisory Group (WELSAG) arose from recommendations made by the 2010 independent review of the sc​heme's initial five years of operation.

The group is being established by the Department of the Environment (the Department) for a third term for the second independent review of the WELS scheme. The Terms of Reference below set out WELSAG's purpose and accountabilities.

Terms of Reference

1. Purpose

The third term of WELSAG is established to provide stakeholder advice to the independent reviewer on the management of the WELS scheme.

2. Authority

This term of WELSAG is being established by the Department as a part of the 2014-15 WELS Review. WELSAG will provide the independent reviewer with access to a range of industry views.

3. Accountabilities

WELSAG is accountable to the Department and will provide advice on the operation of the WELS scheme including:

  • Opportunities to improve and streamline the operation of the WELS scheme including reducing regulatory compliance costs for business and the community
  • How the scheme is used by consumers, industry and regulators and the interactions with other regulatory arrangements including WaterMark and the Equipment Energy Efficiency (E3) scheme
  • The appropriateness of the scheme, including any risks associated with changing the current scope
  • The risk and benefits of any proposed changes

WELSAG will meet two to three times during the 2014-15 Review.

4. Term of appointment

The third term of WELSAG will run concurrent with the 2014-15 independent review of the WELS Scheme. Members are currently appointed until 30 June 2015.


The members of WELSAG have been appointed to cover a range of key stakeholders including small and large retailers, plumbing products, whitegoods, plumbing regulators, water utilities and consumers. Each person has been appointed individually by the Department:

  • WELSAG Chair
    Dr Steve Cummings
    Research and Development Manager
    GWA Bathrooms and Kitchens
    Associate, Institute for Sustainable Futures, University of Technology, Sydney
    Academic and Plumbing industry representative
    Based in NSW
  •  Ms Jo Benvenuti Ms Jo Benvenuti
    Executive Officer
    The Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre
    Representing consumer groups
    Based in Victoria
  • Ms Ann-Maree Campbell
    Certificate Group
    Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB)
    Department of Industry
  • Mr Ian Carmody Mr Ian Carmody
    Technical Product Advisor
    Con-Serv Corporation Australia
    Representing small retailer/plumbing business
    Based in Brisbane, Queensland
  •  Mr Ian Forte Mr Ian Forte
    Regulatory Affairs Manager
    Electrolux Home Products
    Nomination put forward by Australia Industry Group (AiG) (Australia wide)
    Representing whitegoods suppliers
    Based in South Australia
  • Mr Stuart Henry
    Executive Director
    Plumbing Products Industry (PPI) Group
    Representing the Plumbing Industry
    Australia Wide
  •  Mr Shane La Combre Mr Shayne La Combre
    Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC)
    Representing the Plumbing Industry
    Based in Melbourne
  • Dr Craig Latham
    Deputy Commissioner
    Office of the Small Business Commissioner
    Based in Canberra
  •  Mr Ian McAlister Mr Ian McAlister
    Executive Director
    Consumer Electronics Suppliers' Association (CESA)
    Representing whitegoods suppliers
    Australia wide
  • Mr Charles Thomas
    National Policy Manager: Sustainability and Government Affairs
    Property Council of Australia
    Based in Sydney
    Representing the property sector
  • Mr Stuart Wilson
    Deputy Executive Director
    Water Services Association of Australia
    Representing water utilities Australia wide
  • Mr Bruce EdwardsWELSAG Ex-officio:
    Mr Bruce Edwards
    Assistant Secretary
    Waste Policy Branch
    Department of the Environment

Reports from meetings

WELSAG Communiqués - 2014

Communique - 9 December 2014 (PDF - 6.89 KB)
Communique - 9 December 2014 (DOCX - 24.2 KB)

WELSAG Communiqués - 2013

Reports from meetings in 2013 (PDF - 64.34 KB)
Reports from meetings in 2013 (DOCX - 21.1 KB)

WELSAG Communiqués - 2012

Reports from meetings in 2012 (PDF - 63.01 KB)
Reports from meetings in 2012 (DOCX - 31.78 KB)

WELSAG Communiqués - 2011

Reports from meetings in 2011 (PDF - 44.47 KB)
Reports from meetings in 2011 (DOCX - 51.27 KB)

Contact the secretariat

WELSAG Secretariat:
WELS Policy Section
Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
GPO Box 858
Canberra ACT 2601

or complete the online form on our Contact us page.

All media enquiries must be referred to the department's media team: or (02) 6275 9880.